Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI) is an indigenous, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental humanitarian organization established in May, 2007 to service to need of its most deserving part of the society.

ABDI’s mission is to strength community by supporting destitute and most vulnerable community members such as women, children, youths, and elders. We are dedicated to minimizing if not eliminating gender based violence, poverty, and dangerous traditional practice such GM (genital mutilation). We have done these and more for over six years by partnering with community, government agency and generous contribution of many NGO’s. Since the birth of the organization, over 1,200 poor women have been able to start small business and saved over 300,000 Ethiopian birr. In addition, they have built one alternative basic education center that services 154 children, 340 poor women have received loan to start business, 400 adult women received adult educational training and hundreds training programs were held in different location to fight against violence.


Our vision is to see a world where women are not harassed because of their gender, girls are not forced to early marriage or subjugated to any kind of harmful traditional practice that cripples their life and leave them without hope. We want to see the world where women are given equal opportunity to fulfill their potential. Because, we strongly believe that women are the back bone of our society: a society with brighter and stronger future.

Goals and objectives:

Our goal is to increase the number of poor women we currently assist through different means, to recruit and train young people to be self sufficient, to keep young girls in school and reach out to community, school and religious congregation by educating them about violence and traditional harmful practices that impair women for life. We intended to reach our goals and objectives by reducing the impact of harmful traditional practices (HTPs) on women and girls, — through regular training, awareness workshops and making women self-sufficient. And also, by improving poor women and girls access to different income generating activities.