Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI) is an indigenous, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental humanitarian organization established in May, 2007 to service to need of its most deserving part of the society.


About us: Danbobidu’s Foundation was established in 2014 to promote education in a community where girls are often neglected to take part in the decision making process. In rural parts of Oromia such as Bucha-Rayya, young girls are recruited and many times sent to labor at very young ages. Those who managed to stay in school will more than likely drop out at some point before they graduate from secondary school. As we know all too well, girls’ education is not only important for themselves but for the whole family and the entire community.


Mission: Danbobidu’s Foundation mission is to promote and finance girls’ education and to provide an after-school program where girls are taught a life sustaining skills. Also, if successful, Danbobidu’s project in Bucha-Rayya school t is to be used as a pilot project to start similar projects throughout Oromia. One of the main goals of the foundation is to create a system where every needy girl is given financial support to remain in school while learning other life skills to sustain her life in the event the need arises. Danbobidu’s foundation will support any girl with top raking grades to remain in school and be trained for a life sustaining stills which will enable her to continue her life.

Vision: Danbobidu’s Foundation vision is to see all young girls graduate with at least a high school diploma and life-lasting skills that will enable them to sustain their lives if they cannot continue education to a higher level due to circumstance beyond their control.


Now: Currently, Danbobidu’s Foundation is sustained by individuals from all walks of life. Also, it is supported by Action for Basic Development Initiative (ABDI) organization, which provides free education and sustainable skills to poor women in far rural parts of Oromia. So far, five students have received scholarship that covered their school supplies for the school year 2014.

Even in the 21 century, in Bucha-Rayya and its surrounding areas, young girls face bad practices such as FGM (female genital mutilation), early and force marriage, wife inheritance, kidnapping for marriage (butta), exchange for commodity, and are sent to Arab countries to work in hard labor. It is absolutely crucial that such practices stop and girls are given the chance to better themselves. Change is possible only when those who know better initiate it. We also know all too well education is the only way or passport to bring change.

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