Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI) is an indigenous, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental humanitarian organization established in May, 2007 to service to need of its most deserving part of the society.

Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI)

  1. Backgrounds
  • Established by the natives of the areas who are working in different international and National NGOs in 2007 G.C/ 1999

  • ABDI’s vision is to see living condition of all people in Ethiopia improved in a sustainable manner through their active participation in all rounded poverty alleviation interventions.

  • Its mission is to undertake long lasting community based development initiatives in its target areas with special focus to children and women.

  • The general objective/purpose:  of the organization is to improve the socio-economic status of the poor communities through participatory project implementation and executing various appropriate programs to address the felt need of the community,

  • ABDI has started working on supporting needy women, children, older    people and other community members  since May 2007  (1999),

  • It has  License and registration Certificate from Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency,

  • Operational Areas: Adaba and Gedeb-Hasasa Woredas,

  • Programmes Focus : Women Empowerment, Health/HIV & AIDS, Education, Food security, Environment Conservation, Prevention of HTPs,

  • ABDI has its own organization – General Assembly, Board, Secretariat ( Head Office), Field Office,  Staff

  1. Projects  Implemented So far:
    1. Women Empowerment Projects,
    2. Education Projects ( Sirre and Terefa- Harro Schools) construction  and Involve in Bucha school renovation projects
    3. Community Development Establishing Project
    4. Provide Basic Supports to  Older People
    5. Supporting  different events such March 08, IWD, IDOP,WAD and raise community awareness projects
  1. Activities so far accomplished under  different projects

In collaboration with  local government and community members  ABDI has

3.1  Women Empowerment Projects,

  • Organizing mothers/  Women in Self Help Groups  and train and support  them to  promote  women and children rights
  • Provide Technical, economic and social supports to organized  women groups ( About 1200 women  are organized and supported) under 58 WSHGs
  • The organized women were  encouraged to develop saving and credit culture
  • Since now  ( in four years period) the organized women able to save about birr 350,000   and  enabled to  easily access internal  loan  from their savings and  to engaged in different Income Generated Activities ( IGAs ) and raise income for their families and send their children to schools by covering their expenses.
  • The organized women groups are supporting OVCs in their areas  through raising and  discussing children problem and issues in their respective localities,
  • Provide saving and credit services/loan  for  400 women  which amounted to 1000 to 2000  Birr/ woman and enable to engage in different small business and support themselves and  their families,
  • Providing livestock   and revolving fund for about 40 poor women, each poor women were provided with four sheep and enabled them to raise income for themselves and their families.
    1. Built/ Constructed Two Alternative Basic Education Centre/ Schools


3.2.1 One  school was   built in   a very remote area/part  of   Oromia Region, West Arsi Zone, of Adaba Woreda/district at the locality called Sirre,  which is about 30 km far  from the  Woreda/District town.  Currently, about 150 children who didn’t get education opportunity before the project are learning in this school.

  • The school is also furnished with all necessary furniture and equipments,

  • In addition to providing/ delivering education services, the children are also organized under different clubs such as Children right, Prevention of HIV and AIDS, Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPS), such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Abduction, polygamy, early marriage, rape, polygamy, wife inheritances  and Environmental conservation and protection and Sport clubs,

      1. The second school is constructed in  Oromia Region, West Arsi Zone, of Adaba Woreda/district at the locality called Terefa Haro  which is about 20 Km far from the district  town.

  • In this second school about  125 needy and disadvantaged   rural area  children  have got to access education opportunity in the constructed school,

  • The children in both schools are provided with education materials such as pens, pencils, and exercise books, uniform/clothes and books both text books and reference books,

  • Provide various training for children, School management Committee and the community,

  • Provide adult Basic education for more than 500 adult women and enable them to read and write

      1. Provide technical and financial supports for Bucha School Renovation,

To contribute for the renovation of Bucha school which most of the founders ABDI start the education and currently become very old and under destroying ABDI has played high roles in

  • Organizing the community to contribute  money, livestock, labor and other materials— on the bather organized through ABDI initiatives more than 2000 community members and officials took part and more than 120,000 Birr was collected,

  • ABDI was also contribute books, cash/money, and expertise for the school renovation,

  • ABDI staff and Board members played role in developing proposal and submit to potential donors such as UNICEF in Ethiopia,

  • Through this efforts two blocks of school is renovated/reconstructed and providing quality education services for the needy children ,

  • Still our efforts to raise fund is continue in collaboration with our fund raiser, Seenaa Jimijimo in USA since the renovated classes rooms are few  or only two out of six classrooms.

3.3.  Provide Basic Supports to Destitute Older People

  • About  82 destitute older people mainly older women who are caring for  orphaned and vulnerable Children (OVCs) were supported and enabled them to access some basic services like clothes and food both for themselves and their grandchildren who lost their parents due to HIV and AIDS and other diseases.

  • The issues of older people and children under their care was raised and discussed with government officials and public at large during International Women Day event celebration,

  • Facilitate situations for older people   eye operation. Through this effort  and working with Help Age International and local government about 100  who are living in remotest area of Adaba district have got the service and able to see with their eyes.


3.4Constructed Community Development Center

  • In collaboration with Irish volunteers and Friendship for  Integrated Development Association (FIDA,) local NGO,  one community Development was constructed in Adaba town.

  • The area of the development  center is 200 m2 and able to occupy more than 500 people for different purposes,

  • For this construction purpose ABDI was provided with the land of 6400m2 from Adaba City Administration.

  • The constructed community development Centre has been using as the centre for training on HTPs, women and children rights, business, adult functional literacy class etc.

  • ABDI has a plan to use the remaining part of the compound for computer training center, library and also use the center for  as demonstration site for different vocational training purposes and income generating sources,

    1.   Supporting different. events such March 08, IWD, IDOP,WAD and raise community awareness projects

  • ABDI was actively involved in different events such as IDOP, March 8, IWD, WAD and  enable e them  to colorfully celebrated in the woreda through raising awareness on the issue of  women and children rights, fighting HTPs, HIV & AIDS,  encouraging and awarding girls students   to actively attend their education and model for other girls,

  • about 50 outstanding girls were awarded through this  program,

    1. Implementing HIV and AIDS ( Strengthening Community Responses to HIV and AIDS) project and supporting People living with HIV and AIDS,

  • Under this project about 200 households and their family were supported in palliative care, economic and material support, home based care, counseling, HIV and AIDS prevention, HIV and AIDS Counseling and  Testing (HCT)

  1. Strengths  and opportunity of ABDI’s are ;

  • It has promising and proven experiences cost effective projects which are similar to the planned project,

  • ABDI and its staff have also good experiences in mobilizing the community and local government to contribute for the project instead of simply waiting for external supports,

  • ABDI and its staff are also committed to work in remotest rural areas with small resources this is  already  proven and witnessed by the community, local, government and previous  donors,

  • ABDI have excellent relationship with government and community members,

  • ABDI staff have good backgrounds about the community problems/needs, culture and language so that they have good acceptance from the community members,

  • Committed supporters of ABDI abroad such as Seenaa,

  1. Encountered Problems/challenges

  • ABDI’s limited  of capacity  Financial, human resources, transportation  and other facilities,

  • Inability to fully sustain  and ful fill necessary condiction for the already implemented projects such – the constructed schools have no water sources and children are suffering from water shortage, the organized women have shortage of working capital etc.

  • Even though  many projects were developed and submitted to donors – the response is negative, due to  world economic crises,

  • Lack of experiences in NGO sector,

  • High demands from the local government and community visa-v-s ABDI’s limited capacity,

  • Up and down community participation and high workload of  government offices staff and officials to closely work with us

  • Even though all these challenges are in place ABDI, its Board, staff and other volunteers are making efforts to raise fund for the needy community members,

To attain its objectives and sustain the started projects, ABDI would like to work with all interested organizations and individuals who have vision to change the life of such vulnerable and disadvantage community members.

  1. Donors

To implement the above mentioned project ABDI  have got fund from different demestec/internal and abroad International  organizations and individuals. To implement these project about  two million birr ( 2,000,000 Birr) or  about 115,940 USD was raised and utilized.

ABDI’s major donors are

  1. Swiss hand Foundation,
  2. KNH small Grant
  3. Guch Duine (Every body), Irish Volunteers,
  4. Dan Church Aid (DCA),
  5. Help Age International in Ethiopia,
  6. PATH (USAID),
  7. FIDA,
  8. And Individuals volunteers